Engineers who left their high paying jobs to start farming

  • 1.Sachin Kale
    Sachin is an Engineer from Nagpur. He was working as a manager in Punj Lloyd and getting a salary of 24 Lakhs per annum, but in 2013 Sachin left his job, shifted from Gurugram to Medhpar to become a farmer. In beginning Sachin has no clue about farming and had to learn everything from scratch from tilling to sowing. He spent all his PF fund in setting up a clean energy model so that his farm give maximum profit. In 2014 he started his own company, Innovative AgriLife Solutions Pvt. Ltd. His company educate and help farmers about model of contract farming. Sachin's company is helping 137 farmers and drawing a turnover of INR 2 crore.

  • 2.Harish Dhandev
    Harish quit his govt engineering job to take up Aloe Vera farming in Rajasthan. He was not satisfied with his engineering job but his life changed when he visited a agri expo in Delhi. He left his job and started aloe vera farming in his 120 acre farmland. With in ten months Harish managed to get ten clients for his Aloe Vera but soon he realizes that he can sell extracted pulp at much higher price. He trained his laborers to extract the pulp in return he gave them some extra income. He bought more and more land over the years and grews Aloe Vera on it. He launched a company, Dhandev Global Group and his turnover ranges from 1.5 to 2 Crore.

  • 3.Neeraj Dhandha
    Neeraj is from Sangatpura village in Jind district of Haryana, He worked as a developer after completing his engineering degree, but affection for his village and family made him return to his village. He decided to grow guava which is popular even in big cities. He bought seeds from Raipur and planted 1,900 of guavas. Though growing guavas involves high expenses, but he was determined to grow his crop. Now one of his guava tree bearing 50 kg of guavas. These guava are so big that one person cannot eat it alone.


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