How to convert your Google Slide Presentation into Video File

Converting your Google slide presentation into video files has many benefits. Its not only engage your audience in a better way but with the help of this you can share your video on different social media platforms eg Youtube, vimeo etc.

Google slides doesn't offer you an option to save your presentation as video but Creator Studio is a new add-on available online which brings new export capabilities to your Google slide.

With Creator Studio you can convert Google slide into GIF images and mp4 video files.

There are some steps:

  • Go to and install the Google Slides add-on.
  • Once installation of add-on completed, open any deck inside Google slide. Go to the add-ons menu, choose Creator Studio and it will open up a sidebar.
  • Specify pixels and width of output file, creatorstudio will automatically set the height to maintain original aspect ratio.
  • Specify the time interval in seconds, this time interval is the duration for which each slide would be visible in the video before proceeding to the next slide


Video with voice - You can upload any audio file in MP3 or WAV format that will play in background with your presentation.

GIF Image - GIF image is best for sharing inside email messages and blog posts. With creatorstudio an animated GIF image can be created and used for sharing. By keeping time interval as low as 0.2 second you can even make stop motion animations.

Image Sequence - It capture screenshots of each presentation slide and save as numbered PNG file in your Google drive folder. It uses Google Slides API internally to generate these images in PNG format.

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