1.Gravity Blankets

Gravity is here to fight your anxiety. The company Gravity made a therapeutic weighted blanket that is engineered for those who have sleeping problems and have 10% of your body weight. It helps you to deal with stress and anxiety



You had noticed in festivals and events where someone gets separated from friends or family members which is very disturbing and become serious if a child separated from family members. Lynq helps you to find your loved ones when you get separated from them.

This device do not need wifi connection to stay connected like smartphones. It is a great device if you are on adventurous trip with your friends or family members.



Mirror - This device is perfect for those who are fitness freak. It become your interactive fitness coach and also stream live workout videos. It is one of the sleekest inventions of 2019



HabitAware - It you have taken a resolution this year for kicking some sort of bad habit than this device is for you. As a reminder this band vibrates if it catches you doing the bad habit.



The California - based startup Zipline intends to use drones to save lives. These drones can be used in remote or hilly areas and even in floods to deliver supplies and even deliver medicines and blood.There lates drone carry weight upto 2 kilos and they are constantly working to increase its capacity.

It can cover 160 kilometers round trip


6.Gravity Jet Suit

If you are fan of Iron man and Avengers then your are going to like this suit. This suit is created by Gravity industries, the 1050 HP suit have 5 mini-jet engines to help users soar through the sky at 80 KPh.


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