Meet 12th Fail

Manoj belongs to Murena (M.P) and failed in 12th once and lost all his hope that he could do something better in his life.

But his friends helped him lot and give him courage that he have the capability to achieve success in life. After that he have done PG and completed his PhD from Gwalior. He also cracked the most difficult UPSSC exam and scored 121 rank in his last attempt (4th Attempt).

He shared his UPSSC interview experience where selection committee members asked him that they have candidates who are coming from top institutes like IITs and IIMs, and you barely speak English, Why we select you ?

In response first Manoj became nervous and a officer offered him a glass of water, Manoj refused to drink water and said I drink water only in steel glass, Officer become very angry on Manoj and said you need water or a glass.

Manoj smiled at him and said:

" I also want to explain that serving people is important not to be fluent in English"

Anurag Pathak wrote a book on Manoj and many other peoples like him named 12th Fail. Who become successful in different fields even after failed in board exam.

Anurag Pathak also failed in 12th class once and he said this book is for those who lost all hopes if they failed in their board exams.


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