Best Food Items to Beat the Heat of Summer and Keep you Hydrated. A glass of simple Nimbo Panni you need to stay cool this summer. Not only it keep you hydrated but also have many health benefits because it has lots of vitamin C which is very good for your skin health. Lemon also keep you energetic and regulate your body temperature.



Watermelon: Watermelon is made up of 90% water and help you to maintain your hydration level. It has almost zero calories. So next time when you're hungry this summer opt for watermelon. It is also helpful for maintaining freshness on your face.Watermelon is an alkaline food and helps to maintain your body PH level.


Coconut Water

Coconut Water: Coconut water is rich source of protein so it helps you to improve your body protein level. It has cooling agent, electrolytes and sugar which helps to keep your body hydrated. It also slows down ageing and keeps you look younger



Cucumber: Another option with zero calories. When you got hungry eat cucumber it keeps you hydrated and it fill you up. Cucumber is best option for those who wants to loose weight because it makes you eat less if you take it before dinner



Curd - Take it as Raita, Lassi or take it straight from the bowl it act as a coolant for your Stomach. It has probiotics which is good for your digestive system. You can also add fruits to make it dessert



Mint: It is rich in iron and gives you instant freshness during summer. It increases your immunity and has an anti-allergic effect



Mango - This tasty fruit is rich source of Vitamin A and helps you clean your skin. It has dietary fibers which makes your digestive system healthy. It also prevents strokes and exhaustion in summers.So this summer avoid junk foods because junk foods increase your body temperature and your weight. Eat above mentioned food items this summer, drink lots of water and give a gift to your health and look younger.


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