Amazing Bhutan

A country that decided to measure national happiness has completely free healthcare and nobody living on the streets.

There are some important point:

  • In Bhutan there are no homeless peoples. If anyone loses their home, they just need to go to the King and King will give them a plot of land where they can build a house and plant a garden.
  • Each Bhutanese has a right to free medical care. A person can decide whether to receive traditional or classical medicine as a method of treatment that's all completely free.
  • TV and Internet were officially banned in Bhutan until 1996, because Bhutanese people take their traditions and culture very seriously, and the king took great measures to protect his people from outside influences but king finally decided after 1996 to lift the ban and Bhutan become last country in the world who uses TV and internet.
  • No smoking - In 2010 King enacted a low prohibiting the cultivation, harvesting and sale of tobacco, making Bhutan the first country in the world with a total ban on tobacco.
  • Bhutan is really concerned about nature, according to the local low at least 60% of country's total area must be covered with woods. At present number is about 71%, so they are doing fine.
  • It's the only carbon negative country in the world meaning it absorbs more carbon dioxide then it produces.
  • Women are respected and honored in Bhutan there tradition of inheritance proves that. All property and belongings like their homes, cattle and land go to eldest daughter not son. Men are expected to earn their own fortunes.
  • In Bhutan import of chemicals and fertilizers is illegal, Everything they are using is cultivated within the country and is all-natural.
  • Wedding Rules - If you visit Bhutan, you may fall in love with land but try not to fall for a local or else you get your heart broken. Its prohibited to marry foreigners.
  • In Bhutanese marriage as a rule the man moves into woman's home and only when he earns enough money they move to a new house.
  • In 2008 the Gross National Happiness Committee was formed in Bhutan to take care of people's inner peace. Bhutan is the only country in the world that has an official Ministry of Happiness.

Despite all the bans and strict rules, Bhutanese people are very friendly and happy and the natural beauty of this country is breathtaking. So if you plan to visit, I'm willing to bet it'll be a unforgettable trip. So, would you like to visit Bhutan? Let me Know down in the comments!

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