5 Ways to Cleanse Your Body at Home

People who are living in the city they have to live with the polluted air, and the air conditioned rooms in their companies. Even food and water is contaminated these days in city so it become very important for everyone to cleanse their body up to some extent so that they can live a healthy life.

There are some important point:

  • Water: Water is 70 percent of the body of human being so maximum care should be taken about the water, because it's 70 percent. So if you take this water from wherever the waterworks is and pump it to your house let's say it went through 50 bends, pumped forcefully with a certain force, Which naturally is done and you are living on twelfth floor of the apartment, so further forced up. Now if it goes through fifty bends, about sixty percent of the water has turned poisonous. Immediately when it comes in the tap if you take it and immediately drink it, It will work as poison in your system but if you take it and hold it for some time it will undo itself again because the poisoning is not chemical, it is molecular, molecular changes are happening not chemical, that is why traditionally your grandmother always told you "Always you must gather the water, keep it overnight in your house in properly cleaned vessel with Vibhuti and Kumkum on it and one flower on it, and only tomorrow morning you can drink it so that it is suitable for you when you drink it. Water you must take care because it is 70 percent of your body.
  • Food: Always take care how food comes into you, from whose hand it come to you, how you eat it, how you approach it, all these things are important. So don't just switch on your television and starts eating while you are enjoying movies, like eating is a less important thing for you.
  • Air: The city is not in that kind of condition, Where when you open your window, breeze will not come, smoke will come, smell will come, dust will come, so it's important especially if you have children atleast once a month, take them out somewhere, not to the damn cinema where they again breathing everybody's nonsense. So instead of taking them to cinema take them to the river, teach how to swim, climb a mountain but mountain not means go to Himalayas. Even a small hill is a mountain for children, even a little rock, just go climb and sit in one of them, children will enjoy it immensely they will become fit, you will become fit and above all your body and mind will function differently, the most important thing you are in touch with the Creator's creation which is the most important thing. So instead of going to the restaurant, instead of going to the cinema, instead of going to somewhere else like that, at least once a month go out somewhere, it doesn't cost you anything even better if you all cycle just 5-6 Km outside, sit on one rock just spent time there feel the Sun its very important. In this way you are doing shuddhi in a very natural way.
  • Sunlight: Air is not always in your hand because you are living in a city but Sunlight has not become impure get some sunlight everyday because sunlight is still pure nobody fortunately contaminate it.
  • Thoughts and Emotions: What kind of fire within you, is it the fire of greed, fire of hatred, fire of resentment, fire of anger, fire of love, fire of compassion you take care of that and control that with above four Air, food, water and sunlight, then you don't worry about your physical and mental well-being it's taken care of.

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