Unusual stories of young entrepreneurs

1.Ritesh Agarwal

Ritesh Agarwal - A 21 Year old founder and CEO of Oyo Rooms. You will find his accomplishments unusual at this age. Ritesh starts coding at the age of eight, Hence, software had obviously become his first love.

Later He moved to Delhi in 2011, He has a keen desire to starting something of his own. He also prepared for SAT for further studies, but unfortunately SAT never happened so he spent most of his time in reading, Startups, new business, entrepreneurs etc.

Later Agarwal joined University of London’s course at Indian Business School. But after three days of joining he could not control his desire of starting his venture. So he took a day leave and never went back.

He noticed that in India budget hotels didn't even meet the basic needs of a customers. He take it as a opportunity and starts his first venture in 2012 called it Oravel Stays an Indian clone of US-based online lodging service Airbnb. Dropping out of college, and becoming a first Indian Thiel fellow to pivoting Oravel Stays to OYO Rooms, a branded network of budget friendly hotels while he was just 19.

He Stayed in Gurugram for many days and realised that challenge was not about affordable hotels but the biggest challenge was lack of standardisation. For first 10 months since Dec 2013, he started standardize hotels to the minimum, starting from Gurugram. Each oyo rooms audited every two days through mobile app. This helps Ritesh compare the audited result with customer feedback and improve upon it. The reality of Indian market is that it accept and adapts faster the real problem situation than anywhere in the world, so oyo rooms scale rapidly to more than 2500 hotels in just one and half year in 125 cities across India. Ritesh is one of the rarest persons who dream big and also kept a vision to achieve bigger. He become the Inspiration for those young minds who dream big and make it happen.

The startup recently launched Oyo premium for its high end customers and pricing them at one - third of a four star hotel costs. It also launched Oyo living for those who wants private houses or flats on rent. Oyo also recently partnered with Ola and Zomato to serve its customer and give them a delightful experience.


2.Deepak Ravindran

Deepak Ravindran - You have heard and read stories of college drop-outs, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and many others. Much of these stories have been coming from overseas into India, but there are many stories which are evolving in India too.

Deepak Ravindran is a college dropout, entrepreneur, the cofounder and CEO of Innoz Technologies. He is only 25 years old, and become the top recruiter of college from where he dropped out to avoid the job-seeking rat race and pursue something new. Deepak's love with computers and Internet had began when he was just 16 years old during his high school days. He used to sold tech magazines and CDs to fund his pocket money while other kids were busy playing video games. He founded Swadesh Solutions in 2005 which was an offshore Web design/SEO firm.

He got lot of confidence from his first venture and never stopped experimenting nor was bothered about failing. In summer vacation during high school he also launched a e-commerce website. When he got admission in college he sold his e-commerce website to his friend.www.just4sale.in

The most remarkable phase of his life started when he dropped out from his engineering college in his final semester along with his three friends, he co-founded Innoz Technologies Pvt Ltd. They never plan to drop college but they took this risk even in final semester because the four friends decided to join the iAccelerator’09 program which had offered them the first external source funding and also they were invited to be a part of the incubator at Centre for Innovation at IIM Ahmedabad.

They had faced many difficulty to convince their families, peers and faculty about their goal of being an entrepreneur. Because most of the families would prefer a well paid Job.

Initially he struggled but his determination brought him a deal with Airtel, Cafe Coffee Day and many more. All top operators Vodafone, Aircel, Idea, Tata Docomo, etc are now client of Innoz. Other clients are Wikipedia, Vuclip, Rotten Tomatoes, Wolfram Alpha, Zomato, Snapdeal, Bing etc. Innoz Technologies Pvt Ltd. also selected as Red Herring Global 100 and Asia 100 winner for 2010 along with Nasscom Top 8 Emerging Companies in India for 2010


3.Farrhad Acidwalla

Farrhad Acidwalla - B.com LLB Farrhad is a 25 year old entrepreneur, investor and TEDx speaker. He is one of the youngest entrepreneur in the world and known for founder of Rockstah Media. He had worked with leading global enterprises and influencers. Farrhad born in Pune, He is from Mumbai and did his schooling from Bombay Scottish School, Mahim

He started out with an aviation community and it did really well and He had other successful Internet ventures. When Farrhad was studying in 8th standard, he borrowed $10 from his parents to buy his first domain name. Farrhad then started building a web community of aviation and aero-modeling. The website took off and Farrhad decided to sell the website for far more than his initial investment of $10. After that many ventures followed and each took his achievement to another level and this motivated him to offer his work under the name of his company

His company Rockstah Media devoted to web development, branding, marketing and advertisement. It is just few years old but it has many clients and complete team of developers, designers and market strategists spread across the globe. As a CEO and founder of the company he is responsible for taking care of clients and guiding the creative team to success.


4.King Sidharth

King Sidharth - He is a very young entrepreneur and did his schooling in Baddi area of Himachal Pradesh. He failed in math subject in 12th standard, After which he had a conversation with his dad about his higher studies. He made a deal with his father and joined the college to do a bachelor’s degree in arts. The deal was that he will go to the college for one year and if he will not find it interesting, he will not continue his degree. During his college days he always felt that his college was hurting his career and switch was the best decision he ever taken in his life.

Sidharth started his entrepreneur career at the age of 10. Organizing events, collecting entry fees from them, and manage online websites. Later in the 10th standard he started an online magazine called Friendz, an attempt to cater all like-minded people in at one place. At present times, most of his focus is on web designing and also he is working with Instamojo. He is also an amazing writer and motivational speaker and speaks mostly about spirituality, meditation, focus, happiness.

He also gives lecturers at IITs and NIITs. According to him Find what you love, try it, life will reward you.


5.Sreelakshmi Suresh

Sreelakshmi Suresh - A youngest CEO and youngest girl web designer in the world was born in 1998 at Kozhikode (Kerala). She started meddling with computers at the age of 3 and designed her first website at the age of 6.

She attends a school called Presentation Higher Secondary School, this school didn't have a proper website so Sreelakshmi took the initiative to design a web portal and come up with a very good design. She wanted to start things of her own, so she launched he own start up 'eDesign' in 2009. She was awarded by the Ministry of Women and Child Development (India), by conferring her “The National Child Award” for Exceptional Achievement in 2008, this award was bestowed to her by Sonia Gandhi in a function held in New Delhi.

She won many other awards such as:

  • Golden Web Award (U.S.A)
  • Sixty Plus Education Award (Canada)
  • Feeblemind’s Award of Excellence (UK)
  • Webmasters Ink Award (U.S.A.) and Penmarric Bronze Award (Canada)
  • Global Internet Directories Gold Award (USA)
  • WM8C Stamp of Excellence Award (USA)
  • 37th Texa’s Web Award (USA)
  • American Association of Webmasters Merit Award
  • Thomas Sims Graves Award of Excellence (UK)
  • Moms Global Award for inspirational Website 2006-07 (UK)
  • ProFish-N-Sea Charters World Class Website Award (Brazil)
  • Watashi Science Movement Excellence Award 2007 (India)
  • National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement 2008
  • Lions Internationals Young Achiever Award 2007
  • Lions Internationals Young Achiever Award 2008
  • Gold Web Award 2008 (USA)
  • Young Achiever Award from Rotary Club
  • Excellence Award from Rotary Club
  • Swadeshi Science Congress Excellence Award

5.Indrajeet Singh

Indrajeet Singh - He is a youngest entrepreneur of India born in Bihar. He is a founder of IQuanta which is an online platform for prepration of CAT. He inspired many small town guy to becoming a successful entrepreneur. He was himself a CAT aspirant and he understood the difficulty students facing in preparation of exam, so he came up with an revolutionary idea of iQuanta. He just started with answering queries, helping students and later founded iQuanta.

He amazed many with his ability to solve complex quants problems without using pen or a paper, he utilized this gift to teach aspirants and equip them with short cuts, material and right guidance so that aspirants get admission in esteemed B-Schools. Now iQuanta provide study materials for preparation of CAT, online Video lecturers, Mock test and many facility at one place.


6.Trishneet Arora

Trishneet Arora - A 19 years old entrepreneur known internationally as Cyber Crime Investigator and Consultant. Trishneet is founder and CTO of TAC Security Solutions.

Trishneet starting experimenting on computer when he was 11 years old. One day his computer crashed, he took it to the repair shop, Trishneet watched closely how it was repaired. It become his habit when he was constantly experimenting with the computer and taking it for repairs and by watching he started learning basics of computer hardware.

Even though Trisneet was a smart child but he failed in 8th class and had to skip 9th class. He passed his 10th class exam through correspondence. When he was 16 his parents sent him to Chandigarh which was about 100 kms away from home. There he made a some friends who were pursuing B.Tech and learnt from them a lot about cyber security.

While blogging he got curious about cyber security and ethical hacking. He was so interested in this subject that he decided to write a book and shared his learning. But his first book didn't made much success, so he wrote his second book with titled 'The Hacking Era’, was published in February 2013. That was the same time he decided start his own venture TAC Security Solutions.

Within a few months Trishneet’s company attracted some big names in its portfolio like Reliance Industries Limited, ICICI Bank, the Punjab police department and the Gujarat police (Crime Branch).


7.Byju Raveendran

Byju Raveendran He is founder of Byju'sis a learning app for students and an entrepreneur. Byju's app was first launched in 2015 for school students. It also provide video lecturer's and study material for competitive exams like CAT, NEET, GRE, GMAT and Civil service examination.

Raveendran born's in a small district (Kannur) of Kerala. Byju never inclined towards teaching although both of his parents were teachers. Even his father encouraged him to take up sports. Because of his parents encouragement for sports Raveendran participated in six different sports like Football, basketball, Badminton at the university level.Taking teaching as Profession.

His life changed when he went to Bangalore with friends. He observed that most of the students in Bangalore preparing for CAT exam. Since Raveendran was good with numbers, his friends asked him to help them in Math. Raveendran not only helped them but he also appeared for CAT exam. He was shocked when he checked his CAT exam result, he got full 100 percentile and also many of his friends cleared the exam too.

But Byju didn't enrol in any of IIMs because he never have any interest in pursuing MBA. His friends told there other friends about his teaching methods. Soon many students approached him to help them in preparation that is when Byju took up teaching as a profession. He started giving classes on maths to MBA aspirants on the terrace of his friend’s house. His teaching methods helped many students solve problems in easy and less time-consuming way. As his students cleared CAT exam he started gaining popularity and soon become famous.

He started teaching students from different cities in the country later he decided to record his lecturer and make them available online to students in the cities that he could not travel to. His former student after completing his MBA from IIM came up with this idea of taking Byju’s classes to a whole new domain.

In August 2015 Byju's app had over 5.5 million downloads with over 2,50,000 subscriptions. In 2016 Facebook invested approximately $50 Million in Byju's Company.

Byju always says that he is a teacher by choice and an entrepreneur by chance because he loves teaching and wants to give something back to society.


8.Sriharsha Majety

Sriharsha Majety He is founder and CEO of Swiggy. Majety father runs a restaurant in Andhra Pradesh and plan to invest in hospitality sector and her mother also planning to start her own chain of beauty parlors. Because of business oriented environment in his family Majety got an inspiration from early years.

He completed his Engineering degree from BITS Pilani, there he meet people from different regions and cultures. Unlike other colleges Pilani never focused much on attendance of students, which give them enough time to follow their passion.

Being a traveler Harsha went on a lot of backpacking trip across Europe. Intensive travelling helped him a lot in his entrepreneurial journey.

He love doing things that excited him and was ready to commit himself to it, that's the reason why he choose to give up college placement and took a one year gap before joining IIM- Calcutta. For Harsha, the inspiration come from Phanindra Sharma, founder of Redbus because when he returned from UK he saw the success of RedBus, which instilled the idea of taking the plunge.

He started discussing the idea with Nandan Reddy (Co-founder, Swiggy) and both saw a huge opportunity in e-commerce industry. They saw potential in logistics and shipping which was highly unorganized and thus was launched their first venture "Bundl" in 2013. But things didn't go as smoothly for Bundl as both of them expected. They needed a technology co-founder to bring their dream to reality. By the time they come out with product, the market had changed drastically. The e-commerce player like Flipkart and e-Bay had decided to ship products themselves, which made the market limited, so they shut down the operations of Bundl with in a year.

After shutting down their first venture Harsha didn't stop instead he started looking out for other opportunities and how he could convert his failure into something fruitful. They also saw that technology was making things work with a push of a button. Ola and Uber gaining success through their mobile app booking made them realize the potential of hyperlocal market, and that was the genesis of Swiggy.

The result of founders' hardwork and dedication with in four years, Swiggy is a successful hyperlocal delivery platform and a name on mouth of every household for online food delivery.


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