There are many options available for investment in India so it become little confusing for some investors to decide which plan to pick.

Every investor have different risk window, some wants to earn quickly and ready to take more risk. While some investors wants steady returns and wants lower risk on their deposits.


1.Mutual funds

These are considered to be the one of the best investment options available in our country. Equity funds are very popular amongst different mutual funds. It has a potential of earning interest upto 20 % on deposits. But point to be noted it that high returns comes with high risk as well. So It is advised that you consult financial experts before making any decisions. With Systematic investment plan (SIP) you can start with INR 500 per month so for start and if you are unsure about it invest small amount in SIPs and after getting experience and knowledge how mutual funds works you can invest more amount in it.

2.National Pension Scheme

It is a government sponsored scheme and is the best mode of investments for those who have very low risk profile. Regardless of your investment, you will receive certain amount of pension. Investing in NPS qualifies you for tax benefits.

3.Public Provident Fund

It is best investment option for Middle class man not only because it is not risky but also because it is easy to start if you are not tech savvy. You can open PPF account in bank or in a Post office. It has a tenure of 15 years but you can extend it further by 5 years. If you are a salaried person than it is a good way to save some amount every month to invest in PPF. If you want to withdraw it early than you can withdraw after 7th year of opening PPF account.

The best benefit of PPF is that interest you earned from it is free from taxation

4.Real Estate Investment

It is a good way to make money and an excellent idea to make long term investments. Because of rapid development and urbanization the demand for real estate increase not like ever before. The Real Estate Regulation and Development Act which comes 2016 boost the confidence of investors.

5. Stock Market Investment

Stock market investment increased many folds from the last decades. You can also monitor performance of your stocks in real time. If you don't have huge amount to invest than stock market provide you facility of various small, mid and large cap stocks and you can invest in all of them by making a balanced portfolio.

You can make changes to your portfolio according to the risk you are willing to take.

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