What is LIFE?

Life is Live In Full Energy. Sometimes we feel, life is short & sometimes we feel, life is too long to live & sometimes we cant realize anything. Suppose if something bad happens with us, we became very sad & then depression starts automatically and later we started thinking that we don’t want to live anymore, at that moment we feel that life is too long, even spending 1 day or few mins is too tough to live because of zero hope in our heart & pressure in mind. On the other hand, when our lives are full of happy, we started realizing that this life is too short to fulfill all our dreams & we wish for long live for fulfilling our dreams. Again, when we are child, we cant realize or even measure the duration of life. We just busy in spending each moments with happiness. We do only those work which make us happy in our childhood.

Am I right??

Now the important thing in life is Happiness . If we are happy, we can make others happy & our health will also be good. So what is Happiness & how can we achieve happiness in life. Is getting success is happiness? Obviously if we get success or achieve something, we feel happy. I can say, success is a part of happiness. But the question is how can we achieve happiness completely?? Or How can we say “I am a Happy Person”? We can’t measure happiness in terms of days or time. I mean for how many days we are happy or for how many minutes or hours we remain only happy. That is not the exact measure.

Do you agree?

I believe our surrounding will not be always in happy environment. Obviously in our day to day life, we meet or see so many people, some are happy or sad or angry or tensed mood. Even many people are struggling for house, food & clothing. Even whenever we are out of home, we can see animals like Street dogs, or even birds, searching for food here & there. So all these day to day, scenario, may effect our peace of mind little or more, directly or indirectly. Except that our personal & professional life also associate with struggles sometime. So all these effects our happiness little or more. So the main thing is that, we can’t wait for big happiness, I mean we can’t wait for the day when our dream will be fulfilled.

We can create small happiness daily by doing little good thing for ourselves or others. These little thing will add little happiness daily that will refresh your mind, will reduce your tension & will give you mental strength. But remember, when you are doing such things, for that moment you have to give your full concentration to the work, by forgetting all other things, that will give you refreshment. At the end of day, even if you have thousand reason to be tensed or having bad day, you will feel positivity by doing little good things. Keep doing little good things daily, it will slowly add positivity in you.

Like whenever we fell ill, we take medicine daily to keep us healthy. And after someday, we recover completely. Likewise, if we continue doing little good things daily, a day will come, we will become so much positive, that even having bad day will not make us depressed and we will not feel mentally disturbed during bad times.

Need to Enjoy the Life

Now what little good things you can do?? First thing, you will not get enough time daily because of your personal or professional work. But still you have to find out time, say 5 mins or 10mins. I hope you will get atleast 5mins time daily. In that 5 mins, you do something good for yourself or others.

There are many things you can do. For Eg:

  1. If you feel that someone close friends or family is sad, then try to find out solution for them instead of getting tensed or if you want to help the poor section of the society, try out new solutions to solve their problem. Obviously 100% solution we cant find, atleast 50% solution we can try to find out, by spending daily 5 mins to 10 mins.

  2. If you love travelling, randomly search some new place in google, and know more about that place. If you like that place, then start making plans to go to that place, when to go & with whom you want to go.

  3. If you love writing, just write some positive words or good lessons you learnt from your good or bad experience from your past in your note book in that 5 mins. Make sure you carry a small note book with you. Because some other day, if you go through all the pages that you write everyday, you feel more positive & you will feel good & motivated.

  4. You may have many friend from school & college. Among these, there may be some very good friend, who helped you, motivated you in your bad times. May be those friend may be out of contact for longer period or may be you are in touch with those friends. Speak or chat with that friend for 5mins…That 5mins talking, will give you positivity indirectly because the friend you are talking for 5mins, has many good memories with you. If you are out of touch for longer duration, don’t think that he or she not talking with you, then you also will not talk with him/her.

  5. If you love dancing then watch videos of some new & unique dancing steps & try to learn new steps by your own. If you love instrument, then you listen some new music & whenever you are free at home, try to play that music using your instrument.

  6. If you loves singing, then listen some new songs that you never heard before & try to write some lines of song by your own, that will increase your creativity.

  7. If you love poetry, try to write some lines of poem by your own.

  8. If you are staying away from home, you can talk with your family members whom you are very close. That 5 mins of talking will make you & your family happy & more close even staying far away from your family members.

But make sure, don’t spend time in any social media in that 5 mins or 10mins time. Obviously in our free time, spending time in social media becomes our 1st priority. But make sure 1st day try to find out minimum 5 mins of time to do good things even you are 100% busy, slowly you increase your time. Just try and see, how much positivity you can add daily and how much it brings change in your mind & heart in positive way.

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