Avoid loose skin during your weight loss journey

During the journey of weight loss some people try to loose weight only in 2 or 3 months, so they avoid taking proper diet which is essential for their body and skin health. Most of people try to lose weight by keeping themselves hungry whole day and in this process they forget that they are punishing their body which leads to serious problems in future.

Our skin also need nourishment and most people during weight loss journey are not taking proper diet full of protein, essential fats, minerals etc. Because of improper diet your skin is not getting proper nourishment to maintain its elasticity. A major factor which results in loose skin is rapid weight loss, The quicker you loose your weight, the more likely you are to have a problem with excess skin.


1. The best way to avoid loose skin during weight loss is to lose weight slowly and steady, target about 1-2 pounds per week.slow weight loss allow you to maintain muscle mass while losing weight and gives time to your skin to adjust while fat layer below it getting thinner.
2. Drink lots of water every day it helps your skin to retain its elasticity
3. Getting balanced nutrition is very important for your skin elasticity like Vitamins (especially Vitamin C and E), mineral, essential fats etc.
4.Take Omega 3 fatty acid supplements after taking consultation with a doctor because it helps in improving elasticity of skin. Many supplements available in market Eg Sea code- liver oil Capsules.
5.Avoid smoking because it speed up the normal process of ageing of your skin and makes your skin less elastic
6.Exercise and cardio helps you reduce body fat while building muscles, Muscles gives you good shape and when you add muscle your skin looks good and you don't have to depend only on dieting for weight loss.
7.Eat raw vegetables, Salads, dry fruits during your weight loss journey, these items gives your skin natural glow and also will not add extra pounds to your body.
8 .Use hydrating moisturizer every day to keep your skin healthy.
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