Join - Connects multiple computers along with your Android device

Join is a Google Chrome extension which increase your productivity many folds. Join has many features, first it creates a simple universal clipboard that can be shared by any device the only requirement is that it should be installed on those device. So you can copy text from your chrome and paste it anywhere on your office desktop. You can also copy text from your PC and hit the paste command on your Phone (android) anywhere.

Once you use this extension, you will find that you can't live without it.Join provides you the facility of transferring files and links between devices.

Suppose you got an article on your office desktop but you want to read it later on your laptop or mobile phone. Just click the join button in your browser and send it to that device, it will appear on the device which you have selected. You can also use these service with someone else like your friends, your family members or co-workers by approving some appropriate permissions, they can refer you some interesting article or photos very easily.

Check the Steps:


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