Make money from your music online

It's become easy now to make money from your music by reaching a huge number of audience worldwide. I love the music since childhood, Collecting and recording an electric mix of songs from the last couple of years. Now finding a way to get profit out of it and to reach out to a mass audience so that I can make my career in music.

MySpace - A place to sell your music

  • It's a place to post one's song and updates for music loving audience. Much better place with a better sense of community has though been SoundCloud. You can upload your music and songs on this site and opt for a paid account to get more comprehensive statistics.
  • While there are many social media platforms, But you get more results out of them with Soundcloud -follow others, listen to their music, leave comment and more people will reciprocate. There is one more option to add music links on other platforms through which your followers and fans might even pay to download your music online.
  • BandCamp is also a platform where you can upload your songs, artwork and set a price. The best thing about this site is that your fans can even pay more than the asking price if they really love your music. Spotify, iTunes and Amazon are prime paid platforms and most popular among the music lovers, You can also sell your music on any of these sites. These sites generally required a proper record label, but there are some other ways to get listed as well.

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