How to start a business with Ola Cab as a partner with a car?

Attaching your car to Ola cabs is a very simple procedure. First you need to call Ola customer care number and they will provide you all necessary details and documents required to attach your car to Ola.

Make sure you go through the documents very carefully because different cabs types have different charges offer in all the cities.


Register your car with Ola cabs

  • 1. Call your nearest registered office.
  • 2. Submit required documents related to the car to the company
  • 3. Submit high quality photographs of your car for initial assessment also make sure your car should be clean, in good condition without any dent.
  • 4. You need to bring your car to nearest Ola regional office where staff of Ola company will audit your car and make sure if your car meets Ola's standard.
  • 5. Ola staffs will train you to follow all guidelines and give you all information about offers.
  • 6. You need to open a current account after all audits and verification completed.
  • 7. Now you sign a contract with Ola and you will then get a new smartphone with Ola partner app pre-installed in it
  • 8. Now you can start your business with Ola as a partner with a car.

How much you can earn with a single car?

  • Suppose you attach a Swift Dzire to Ola. Right now more you run the care the more you can earn. Now take the ideal case that you driver is hitting the highest one each day, that way you can earn Rs. 6500 a day
  • So for a month it would be 6500 x 26 ( one day off per week) = Rs. 169000.
  • Now expenses per month
  • Diesel Rs 24000 + Driver 25000 + Maintenance Rs 5000 = Rs 49,500
  • Profit per month = 169000-49500 = Rs 119,500

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