Why is the Sky blue

The light coming from the sun looks white but it is actually made up of all colors of the rainbow. Like energy passing through the ocean in the form of waves, light energy travels in wave too. Some colors light travel in short waves, while other travels in long waves. Wavelength of long waves are more than the short waves, So Blue light wave has shorter wavelength than Red light waves.

Light travels in a straight line unless some obstacles gets in the way and does one of following things :-

  • 1. Reflect it Eg. Mirror
  • 2. Bend it Eg - Prism
  • 3. Scatter it Eg. - Molecules of gases

All gases present in the atmosphere scattered Sunlight in all directions before it reaches Earth's atmosphere. Blue light scattered more in all directions by tiny molecules present in the air because it has shorter wavelength, that is why we see a blue sky most of the time.

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