Start Ups - With the gen-next cool trend to start working on new and innovative ideas, India is all set to outperform all other nations on the world stage in the years to come. Setting up of small businesses by these young entrepreneurs is definitely going to boost the Indian economy in the near future. India is a home for almost 3100 startups starting per year standing just behind US, UK and Israel according to the NASSCOM report of 2015. If the growth is continued on the same pace then it is expected that Indian tech startups will generate almost 2.5 lakh jobs in the next five years.

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Indian government is also taking several steps to build an environment which is suitable for startups, since small businesses can play a very important role to develop and boost Indian economy in the future. In the Union Budget of 2015, government has established a process or a mechanism known as Self Employment and Talent Utilization (SETU) to support all the aspects of startups right from their seed financing stage to their growth stage. Also, government is also setting up ‘innovation labs’ at various places which are similar to that of ‘incubation centers’ in large national and foreign universities. It is also anticipated that government may roll out a Rs. 2000 crore fund to provide seed capital to startups related to IT and biotechnology.

List of StartUp Company

  1. 1.Ask Arvi
  2. 2.CoWrks
  3. 3.Doctor Insta
  4. 4.Flock
  5. 5.Overcart
  6. 6.Loan Frames
  7. 7.Instavans
  8. 8.Vedantu
  9. 9.Smallcase
  10. 10.DocTalk

Ask Arvi

AskArvi- India provide the world's biggest market space for insurance sector. The country's insurance market expected to 4 times in size in coming 10 years.Arvi is India's best chatbot that makes insurance very simple and smart without any pesky sales calls.

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CoWrks - It builds workspace for business of all sizes. CoWrks main purpose is to bring together biggest community of working professional across the world. It also connect them through technology.CoWrks founded by Sidharth Menda.

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Doctor Insta

Doctor Insta - Its business model is very simple. You can connect with best doctors and other specialists from the comfort of your home through their mobile app.My Doc feature allows you to consult your own doctor via Video/ Phone/ Chat.If required, they can refer patients to US doctors for second opinion. Also they can easily store your Prescriptions and Medical records.Offices In - Gurugram, Total Funding $7MM

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Flock - It is a online collaboration software and messaging platform. It makes team's communication hassle free. It organizes all conversations, productivity tools and apps in one place, so that team focus on other important works It has strong following throughout the world with more than 100 thousands companies using their enterprise chat app. Offices In: Bengaluru, Mumbai

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Overcart - It is a US-based company, provide platform for return management. It's in initial phase and trying to the inventory optimization to India. Offices In: Gurugram Total Funding: $3MM

Loan Frame

Loan Frame: Provide small business loans for India. It is a Fintech company and focuses on SME's Loan through a technology with market Knowledge approach. It has grown rapidly in terms of numbers of clients as well as network of lenders. Offices In: New Delhi Total Funding: $2.3MM

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Instavans - Instavans makes life of Shippers and truckers very easy by aggregating a large number of local truck operators and has built a “virtual fleet” that is larger than any other local provider. The Instavans platform will be offered as a web and mobile app. Instavans addresses most of the market inefficiencies and provide Real-time platform to connect shippers and truckers, with automatic dispatch. It has simplify paperwork by using Online documentation for each pickup Offices In: Bangalore Total Funding: $2MM

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Vedantu - It evolve the way of teaching and learning by combining quality teachers, engaging content and superior technology. It provide wide range of online classes and test preparation live by best teachers of India. It provide a network where any student can tap into a teacher directly and learning can happen in a personalized way, anytime-anywhere. Offices In: Bangalore Total Funding: $16.6MM

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SmallCase - A smallcase is a basket of stocks/ETFs weighted intelligently to reflect an idea. It provide simple, quick and delightful investing option for Indian middle class. It worked with India's most trusted Financial brands like Axis direct, HDFC securities etc Offices In: Bangalore Total Funding: $8MM

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DocTalk - It is a a CRM and patient management platform for doctors. It provide hassle-free communication with patients. It provide high quality care to patients with DocTalk mobile application. Offices In: Hyderabad Total Funding: $5Million

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