How to get more views and likes on Tiktok

You can make amazing videos on Tik Tok, but that won't matter unless you have an audience. In this article you can find amazing tips to get more views on your videos.

1. Complete your profile - An account with complete profile get more attention than a profile that lacks information.

Your profile must reflect what you post. When people see your profile and see pictures of dogs they expect videos of dogs and will follow you with that expectation. If you have profile of dogs but post videos of card tricks you will likely to loose credibility and your followers.

2.Try to make original videos - These days many users post videos in which they lip-sync to popular songs, but they need to post there original videos because it will stand out. Lip-sync videos are all the same and now audience starting getting bored of these, so original videos bring some freshness.

3.Upload high-quality videos - High quality videos are most likely to get more views. High quality videos also get appreciation by users and have more chance to get shared to others.

4.Use Appropriate Music - You can use music in every TikTok video, and selection of right music can increase its chances to be liked. If your video is sad, don't use a funny song.

5.Connect with social media - If you want to reach maximum numbers of users link your TikTok account with other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, so that your video is shared to more places and more people.

6.Connect with other people - If you produce video with popular TikTok celebrity, who has his own audience, you are most likely to get views and follows from that audience.

7.Interact on the Platform - Interact with your followers and they will promote you to their friends.Leave comments on your followers videos and they will most likely to go to your account page if they see that you comment frequently.

8.Effectively use Hashtags - If you post a video on Ladakh make sure you use correct hashtags. If you use hashtags effectively, your video should appear in the search result for people who plans a vacation for Ladakh.


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